Understanding Me, Understanding You : An Enquiry into Being Human

Understanding Me, Understanding You : An Enquiry into Being Human


Understanding ourselves and how our minds work is the doorway to wisdom. Our happiness depends on it. It is not part of our education, so we have to discover it for ourselves.
The book Understanding me, Understanding You, makes it easy for everyone to understand themselves clearly, by observing their thoughts and feelings and then exploring their origin. Each of us can discover that richness of understanding that can transform our lives for the better. We can then cope better with the challenges that life throws at us, and the stress that follows. Because our minds work in similar ways, understanding ourselves helps us to understand others, and that brings harmony to our relationships, which is essential for a happy life.
The aim of this book is to explore the many hidden ways in which our mind works, behind the screen of our awareness, directing our thoughts and actions. The 26 chapters explore inner landscapes that are common to all human beings: like the art of listening, the mechanism of comparison, our conditioning and how it impacts our life, the nature of fear and desire and how they influence our behaviour, our many psychological needs and how they affect our relationships, the human struggle to find love, our many beliefs which bring us comfort but also divide us, our loneliness, our habits which can become addictions, our images of ourselves and how we try to defend them, our sorrow which blocks out the sun from our lives, and so on.
Since most problems begin in the human mind, the solutions to them must also begin there.
The book is part of the non-profit Human Enquiry Project, which aims to spread wisdom, which follows when we understand ourselves and how our minds work. It will lead to a better world.
The website humanenquiry.com accompanies the book.

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Manoj Krishna
Paperback | 288 pages
152 x 228 x 20mm | 389.64g
Publication date
15 Aug 2017
ClearTree Press
Publication City/Country
Yarm, United Kingdom
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